Herbal bed at Hallingtunet

In the spring of 2020, we got a collaboration with Jasmin Women's Network, Women's Resource Center who wanted a meaningful activity once a week. The idea of a separate herb bed that they could plan and care for together was a strong wish from the women and we managed to get it in place in June 2020.

At Hallingtunet, they meet in cozy and beautiful surroundings where the talk and laughter are loose. The women come from all corners of the world, they meet in the park, exchange useful experiences and practice Norwegian together. A natural theme for the group is of course the names of herbs and plants, as well as dishes and traditions from the various home countries. Drammens Museum's contact person in this group is Jadwiga Ihlen who works as a bilingual museum host with us. Jadwiga emphasizes that the feedback has only been positive from the women. They have felt positively received by the museum and that the project gives a sense of inclusion and importance in what they do.

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