A large grant secures the Marienlyst project

Many thanks to Sparebankstiftelsen DNB!

Drammens Museum has been awarded NOK 4.2 million to establish the Marienlyst pleasure farm as a learning arena for the transfer of knowledge of traditional crafts through antiquarian restoration and investigations of buildings and interiors from the 18th century.

The award is part of Håndverksløftet, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB's investment in traditional crafts, and ensures full progress in the Marienlyst project in 2024 and 2025.

Drammens Museum collaborates with Buskerud Building Conservation Centre, Norwegian Handicrafts Institute, Fortidsminneforeningen and Løken Bygg AS.

The process of refurbishing buildings and interiors will provide the basis for several and adapted dissemination programs for construction students at upper secondary school, interns in various crafts and practicing craftsmen for deepening in traditional crafts. The museum collaborates with Kulturtanken on the dissemination of cultural heritage for children and young people within the cultural school bag.

We are looking forward to this!

Photo: Drammen's Museum

[function director Eivor Winther Sunesen and conservator Nina Høye in the doorway in the Nordfløyen, pleasure garden Marienlyst]

[Marienlyst farm – photos of the pleasure farm facility with a focus on the West Wing]

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