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Vikebygningen. Bygningen er flyttet fra sundplassen Østre Vikersund i 1990


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The Japanese garden

The Japanese garden is an art form, with roots going back 1,000 years, originally from China, and cultivated in Japan. The principles are simple and universal, and work just as well in Norway as in Japan. It is, among other things, about seeing the essence of aesthetics in nature, the art of simplifying, then recreating the elements proportionally, balanced and harmoniously.

The Japanese garden is called a "borrowed garden": our garden should look as if it is a piece of Norwegian mountain landscape in miniature. All the elements in the garden except the lantern and the Japanese maple come from Norway. No peonies or roses grow in the mountains, that's why you won't find them in our Japanese garden. Take a trip inside to find peace and relax your shoulders.


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Welcome to Marienlyst

Welcome to Marienlyst

Welcome to Marienlyst

The story of Marienlyst by former chief conservator at Drammen's Museum Einar Sørensen

Welcome to Marienlyst

The November exhibition 2023 – Opening

Current dissemination of the pleasure farm Marienlyst by Nina E. Høye, conservator NMF and head of the Marienlyst project