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Eivor Winther Sunesen / Drammens Museum

Eivor Winther Sunesen

Acting director

Anna Piquer i Prats

Anna Piquer and Prats

Project coordinator – visitor experiences, digital solutions and reception

Hege Møller Hermansen

Reception, booking, event and hosting

Hilde Julsrud

Hilde Julsrud

Museum educator and event coordinator

John Ivar Thun

Building consultant and museum craftsman

Margit Kristine Opheim

Margit Kristine Opheim

Responsible Lyche pavilion

Maria Ianke

Maria Ianke

Museum educator

Marianne Hylbak

Marianne Hylbak

Collections Manager

Marita Seim

Project coordinator - exhibitions and professional projects

Nancy K. Nyrud

Collection and exhibition coordinator

Nina E High