The November exhibition 2023

The November exhibition 2023 opens on Wednesday 22 November at 18:00

This year, 38 artists are expected:

Ingvild Reiton Felis, Siv Asbjørnsen, Anne Margrete Bergh, Anja Magner, Johan Anton Sandnes, Tormod Solløs, Ann.Cathrin Lindland Løvstaad, Joakim TS Wanrup, Bent Abrahamsen, Åse Maj Håkonsbakken, Inger Sigrid Hagen, Inger Karthum, Ann Skullestad, Anne Pfeffer Gjengedal, Jeanette Ruth Sveiven, Bjørn Ellingsen, Anne Berglund, Bjørn Ellingsen, Ståle Sørensen, Ragnar Sten, Evelyn Melsom, Tine Ericsson, Kari Elisabeth Haug, Randi Bjerkås Lynga, Line Berget, Käthe Øien, Gunhild Lien, Mona Paus, Iren Gule, Marianne Broch, Sigrid Øyrehagen, Ellen Grimm Torstensen, Gunnveig Nerol, Stojan Minev, Live Skar Skogesa, Daina Deksne Gundersen, Sten Are Sandbeck, Runi Langum, Joanna Chia-yu.

The exhibition opens on 22.11.23 at 18:00 by mayor Kjell Arne Hermansen. There will be a musical feature by Aqua D'or, a classical saxophone quartet from Drammen cultural school.

Two prizes are awarded, both of which are judged by NBK's national jury; "The most significant work of the year" and "Debutant of the year".

This year's jury consists of Cathrine Finsrud (jury leader), Mona Sundelius and Karianne Helleberg Bahri from the board of BBK. In addition, the jury has been strengthened with Morten Viskum and Thomas Iversen. The board of BBK sees the November exhibition as its single most important event. Here the public meets the county's professional artists side by side with debutants and others who are on the threshold of an artistic runway

The exhibition period is 23 November 2023 to 07 January 2024.

The exhibition is shown in the Lyckepaviljongen at Marienlyst, Konnerudgaten 7, 3045 Drammen. 5 minutes from the train station.

The jury has finished and they are looking forward to presenting 38 artists in the November exhibition this year!

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