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At any given time, most of the museums' collections are in locked magazines, only available to museum staff. The museum's collections consist of approx. 50,000 objects and works of art. Only a small part of this is exhibited in the museum's permanent and changing exhibitions.

Through digitization of the museums' collections, information and photos of the objects are collected in databases, which are published on Digital Museum (DiMu). DiMu is a common database of collections in Norwegian and Swedish art and cultural history museums. Here, researchers, schoolchildren, enthusiasts and other curious people can search the various museums' collections, and get an insight into what is hidden in the museums' magazines. Digital presentation of the collections online provides a great opportunity to gain knowledge about what you can find in the museums when you do not have the opportunity to visit them. In addition to searching for treasures in each museum, the digital search options make available objects, artists and producers across the collections from the various museums. This provides extended opportunities to get an overview and quantitative information about different object groups.

Drammens Museum is working successively with digitization of its collections. To date, the museum has presented over 1700 objects, buildings and works of art at DiMu. Buildings at the open-air museum in Bragernesåsen, works from the art collections, horse-drawn vehicles and Drammens Museum's beautiful collection of international design icons, are some of the museum's treasures you can get an insight into, from your own living room. The museum receives gifts every year, and makes important purchases for its collections. All grants for the collections are published continuously on DiMu. In this way, the public can at any time see what the museum receives from gifts and makes from purchases.

By Marianne Hylbak, responsible for collection management, and Nancy K. Nyrud, Collection and Exhibition Coordinator.