Opening of the November exhibition 2023

22.11. opened Buskerud Visual artists and Drammens Museum November exhibition 2023. We welcome you to a great exhibition in the Lychepaviljon from 23.11.23 to 07.01.24

With 50 works and 38 artists represented at this year's November exhibition, Mayor Kjell Arne Hermansen officially opened the exhibition for Buskerud Visual Artists. The audience was entertained with great music by Aqua'Dor, an elite quartet from Drammen Culture School, and Jury leader Cathrine Finsrud welcomed them. Acting director Eivor Winther Sunesen warmly welcomed the exhibition space in the Lychepaviljongen and thanked for years of good cooperation with BBK. After the official opening at the mayor's office, 166 visitors could admire the wide range of forms of expression and works of art.

Jury leader Finsrud was able to announce that "This year, 98 applications were assessed by the November exhibition's jury. 42 artists with 61 works were invited to the 2nd judging. 38 of these were assumed with a total of 50 works."

The jury for the second judging consisted of 5 members of Buskerud Bildende Kunstnere: Cathrine Finsrud, Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri, Mona Sundelius, Morten Viskum and Thomas Iversen. The choice of "debutant of the year" and "most striking work of the year" was made by national representatives from Norske Billedkunstnere, Maya Økland and Gelawesh Waledkhani.

The winner of "debutant of the year" is Live Skar Skogesal with the work "Dragon", which is tapestry and ceramics.

This is what the national jury writes about the work and artist:

This year's debutante is an artist who shows
that she masters both textiles and ceramics.
The motif is experienced as old and new at the same time,
where historical symbols and patterns are allowed to unfold
in contemporary colors and shapes.
Very few are able to control the dragon,
therefore we congratulate Live Skar Skogesal
the award as debutant of the year!

Maya Økland and Gelawesh Waledkhani. DNJ 2023

The winner of "the year's most significant work" is Johan Anton Sandes with the painting "Amaldus Nielsen gives himself in Ny-Hellesund".

This is what the national jury writes about the work and artist:

The prize goes to a work that will say something about our time and cry
a warning about where we are going. In a lively composition
with a fresh use of colour, the painting plays on national romanticism
and Norwegian nature as the basis for ours
common Norwegian identity.
What does it really mean for the sense of identity
when pristine nature is replaced by commercial ones
interests? The artist depicted in the painting has
apparently given up. But luckily it's not him
who painted this picture, and Johan Anton Sandnes
stands as proof that the artist never gives up!

Maya Økland and Gelawesh Waledkhani. DNJ 2023

See more photos from the exhibition opening here:

Photo from the exhibition opening was taken by Elin Eike Worren.

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