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Sensitivity and protest at the Annual Exhibition

The harsh realities of life play quietly in the background when the artisans are back in Eastern Norway with their Annual Exhibition.


A painter in the web

Lonely heart shows tapestries and paintings by Birgit Hagen (1912-2002). The title provides an introduction to the exhibition, which suggests a psychological content in the works, characterized by loneliness, vulnerability and strong emotions.

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Who is Holmsbu-Kristus?

Åsmund Thorkildsen has discovered that the god Balder is hiding in the folds of the mantle of Holmsbu Christ.

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Disappointingly little current

The November exhibition is one of the few cultural offerings that is open now. Drammens Tidende's reviewer believes it lacks community involvement.

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The November exhibition - more important than ever: - Art can give hope

- It has been a challenge to work with the opening of this year's exhibition. We have probably planned the opening five times, I think, says Yola Maria Tsolis, who is the leader of the jury in the second year.

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New perspectives on folk art

A series of writings from Drammens Museum shows that folk art contains a large world. 


A world of emotions and forms

This spring's exhibition at the museum, Nye blikk.


The story of the painting is not over

Review of Nye blikk by Kristan Klausen


Philip (18) hijacked the extra job a little out of the ordinary


District modernism

Two unusual galleries form a monument to the artist Henrik Sørensen's life work by Kåre Bulie