Drammens Museum-Spennende kunstsamarbeid

DRAMMEN ART ASSOCIATION 2019: Exciting art collaboration

Father and daughter explore different levels of presence

By Harald Gautneb, Leader of the Drammen Art Association

This summer, two generations of artists will be showing their work in the Lyche Pavilion. Father and daughter Ragnar Olaf Hauge and Iselin Linstad Hauge have joined forces in an exciting project that shows new works and works that go hand in hand. Collectively, their works span several techniques such as sculpture, film, photography, and text. Common to both is an interest in exploring different levels of presence. In our own body, through words, and how this affects our experience of what reality is.

- It is about an interest in a common existence, to investigate what the animals and humans have in common, says Iselin Linstad Hauge who grew up with her father at Villa St. Hallvard in Sylling.

- The themes in my work deal with experience and awareness of existence. Often with a focus on the human being in the encounter with animals and nature. We are here on earth, we breathe, we have a body, we want to live, says the creative artist who has a long list of projects and exhibitions behind him with the main emphasis on film, photography, text and performance.  

Ragnar Olaf Hauge, born in Oslo, has lived in Sylling in Lier for the past 30 years and works in a wide range of different techniques such as drawing, painting, lithography, sculpture, ceramics, digital drawings and photography.

- With extensive experience from classic painting with oil and acrylic, I have learned the art of working digitally with painting.

- In recent years, I have worked especially on the Ipad with several series for print and sculpture. Based on the picturesque structure, I use the digital as a tool to develop complex image surfaces. These images are printed on UV-resistant non-reflective Plexiglas, so that they become transparent in the glass surface.

- The lightness and accessibility means that I can develop and explore series and larger projects in an efficient and inspiring way. My "Sculptural Drawings" also have this lightness, in that they are realized through large prints, but also as a free-standing sculptural form. I have developed these drawings further and will, among other things, present them as large sculptures in steel at the exhibition in the Lyche pavilion, he says.

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