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Welcome to the new exhibition - SONGS FROM THE ANTHROPOCEN 07.09-22.10

Every year, the Drammen art association organizes an exhibition which they exhibit at the Drammen museum. This year, two local artists from Drammen, Ingvar Gundersen and Tom Gundersen, exhibit their slightly different voices in SONGS FROM THE ANTHROPOCEN, Drammen's art association's exhibition 2023. 

Ingvar Gundersen and Tom Gundersen have known each other for a number of years and have both had studios in Drammen from the beginning of the 90s. Over the years, they have exchanged ideas about art; among other things about how visual art can express something that has relevance today. They have not emphasized expressive expressions, but intervisuality, that is to say that the works are characterized by dialogue with the history of art and culture.

In recent times, both have, with different angles, approached the same theme: How art can relate to nature and the environment in what has been called the Anthropocene, the age of man. As artists, they ask fundamental questions: How should we understand our relationship with nature - and how does that affect the way we treat it?

The exhibition is shown in the Lychepaviljongen at Marienlyst

The exhibition period is from Thursday 7 September to Sunday 22 October 2023.

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