When the present meets the past

Great excitement

21 Buskerud artists have been selected to celebrate the Drammen Art Association's 150th anniversary. The challenge they have been given is to each interpret their own historical work from the museum's rich art collection.

- This creates challenge and creativity, at the same time as the artists have to relate to a different reality by being assigned a work of art that may be far removed from the way they work. It has started a number of exciting processes, and I can therefore promise a different summer exhibition in the Lyche Pavilion, says Harald Gautneb, leader of the Drammen Art Association.

- The collaboration with the exhibitors has been an incredibly exciting process, and I am grateful for all the positive feedback I have received. As we approach the exhibition opening on June 21, I am sure that the choices we have made will work optimally, and give the audience different experiences.

It started with Drammen Kunstforening contacting Buskerud Bildende Kunstnere which has 100 members. All members were invited to participate, and through a selection process, the association's board came up with 20 artists that they wanted to participate. In addition, a Drammen artist is invited to do a very special project, which will be the actual signature of the exhibition "When the present meets the past".

Drammen Kunstforening is responsible for an exhibition in the Lyche pavilion this year. Last year, the people of Drammen experienced three generations of Sønstrød, and the year before, the art association chose to honor Bjørn Hauge.

- When we are now in our anniversary year, we thought that it is just as important to look ahead as to look back in time. We simply want to present some of the best we have in our collection, at the same time as we show what there are of different artistic expressions among our local artists. Thus, we get an exhibition that covers a wide range, creates excitement in the choice of techniques and expressions. We have on the team with the district's most talented artists with whom very many have a relationship, says Gautneb.

Drammen Kunstforening is one of the country's oldest of its kind, and has been in operation without delay since 18 May 1867. In the anniversary year, the association has around 250 art and culture interested members. An active board emphasizes giving members good art experiences. As the annual summer exhibition for which Drammens Kunstforening is the curator.

Quality and variations in the cultural offer are important. Although we are a small player in the city's cultural life, we are proud of what we can offer our members, and not least the entire city's population with changing exhibitions. Also this year, we have put the list high, in that we are the challenger. And that makes it good art, says Harald Gautneb and strikes out with his arms when he presents

Tom Erik Andersen, Merethe Duvholt, Stein Nerland, Morten Halvorsen, Marianne Broch, Trine Wester, Randi Bjerkås Lyngra, Marthe Samuelsen, Gunnveig Nerol, Hilde Honerud, Ingvar Gundersen, Daina Deksne-Gundersen, Evelyn Melsom, Johan Anton Sandnes, Ragnar O. Hauge, Berit Myrvold, Marius Dahl, Sissel Enger Moe, Per Edvard Wium, Katharina Zahl Fagervik and Eric Ness Christiansen who are enthusiastic exhibitors at Drammens Museum this summer.

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