Kjell Nilsen - leader of Friluftsmuseet's friends

Kjell Nilsen is the leader of Drammens Museum's new Friends Association Friluftsmuseet Venner and was in his time to start both Gulskogen's farm friends and Austad farm friends. I have a commitment to both culture and sports and my heart beats for Drammen, he says eagerly before the start of the season for the new friends association.

by Ida M. Klingvall

  • Who are you?

We are an ever-growing association that gets new members every single day. As of today, we are a group of 120 members who can do some small work such as carpentry, painting and weeding. There are many larger and smaller projects that need to be done. I imagine that we can get support from other friends' associations. There are also many small associations that want to join both to do something and to show what they do as the Handicraft Association and Drammen Painting Club. There are many of our members who are 60 years + who have had more free time, who want to do something and have a cup of coffee with others.

  • How do you want to work?

We will be a little different from the other friends 'associations, the other friends' associations at the museum are now more what we can call pure maintenance teams. We also want to be a maintenance group, but have far more activities and events and then we will be quite politically active. This is because we have to be watchdogs for any changes to the articles of association and we have already acquired a wide network of contacts in the municipality, the county municipality and politicians. We do not hide this. Drammen is not a big city and everyone knows each other.

  • Can you say a little more about the activities?

Project number 1 is the roof of the milking parlor and then we will paint 2-3 houses. We have many wet dreams. We will have a course on the setra in beaten. We want to further refine Spiraltoppen, which is an incredible area. We have been on an inspection and see that several of the houses are projects that we have to collaborate with the museum on and apply for external funding from various foundations. On larger projects, we must be a larger team.

This year we will also start cultivating the land outside Basolstua, which will be a meadow for growing grain next year. We also collaborate with the song club on a concert at Spiraltoppen Café. The profits from the song meeting will go to the Friluftsmuseet's friends. Every Sunday in June and July, Skustad Landhandel is open for the sale of ice cream, candy and juice. It has pissed off many ideas to put it that way. We must not have too many and not too few, we envision more dance and music and we believe that if we invite to a picnic on a Wednesday night, we think many will come. And then we hope that we will make money from the events that will be plowed into maintenance work.

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