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Open air museum reopened with new life - 100 years after establishment at Marienlyst.

For a number of years, the museum has focused on strengthening the offer at Marienlyst. We want to create new life at Hallingtunet so that more people can experience a well-preserved open-air museum and the cultural heritage associated with this. Hallingtunet consists of five half-timbered buildings that were the museum's first open-air museum and were established as early as the 1920s, just after Drammens Museum had moved its operations to Marienlyst farm in 1910-11.  

With the latest offer in Villandstallen, which opens this autumn - a self-produced exhibition about the Horse - we have come closer to the goal of creating an active open-air museum at Marienlyst.

In recent years, buildings have been restored. We have researched the use of symbols in folk art in fully decorated living rooms and on utensils. We have researched the horse and its complex function in the farming community both as a useful animal and as a stuffed animal. We have established flower meadows and hay meadows. We want to create a pleasant and rewarding place to be.

Hallingtunet can once again be bustling with life with offers that include open living rooms and permanent exhibitions that convey the old agricultural community in addition to new dissemination programs for adults about the agricultural community's building customs, the buildings' various functions on the farm, the village's decorative work, tasks on the farm and objects used daily. and to stasis in life on the farm.

We welcome everyone.

By Eivor Winther Sunesen

Opening hours:
18. juni - 20. august kl. 11.00 - 15.00

Open spaces: Torpostua and farmhouse in Ruelofte (view through the doorway). Exhibition on the 2nd floor Rueloftet: The cycle of the year and life in the old farming community. Exhibition in Villandstallen: Everyday horse and holiday horse.

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