Perspective Drammen

Perspective Drammen
Artwork from the museum's collections

Drammens Museum wants to give the public greater insight into the museum's collections and this exhibition shows visual art with a perspective on our city - Drammen.   

The selection shows a great breadth of motifs through paintings, graphics and drawings from the end of the 18th century until modern times.

Perspektiv Drammen will be able to resonate locally through motifs and locally associated artist names, but the exhibition is just as much for a broad and curious public who will get to know important parts of the collections and the artists better. In that sense, this is not a local exhibition. We will show works of art that have been created by impulses through both art historical import and export: Artists born in Drammen or based in the city, with abstract motifs, artists "from outside the city" with Drammen motifs, and coincidences of both.

We look up, the city creates a view and perspective. Geographical affiliation is thus essentially subordinated, even though the recognizable in the images with motifs from Drammen forms an important part of the exhibition. Many of the artists are known far beyond the city's borders, and are on a national, let alone international, level. Through contrasts, we move from the local and recognizable to the universal, from people on Bragernes Torg to overall human relationships and abstraction. From industry and activity in the harbor and bustling life in the town square, via quiet streets, to the atmospheric but demanding landscape, from low-key to exploding abstraction.

Pictures from the opening 21/02/2024:

See relevant case and more photos from the opening of the exhibition here.

Summer open:
Monday to Sunday at 11.00 - 15.00