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The timber trade's importance for the development of the city of Drammen

"From log to city" is a ready-made teaching program from the Drammens Museum, for use in the classroom. It joins the series of digital teaching programs that Drammens Museum offers schools and which we have called "Online with art". Drammen's museum aims to arouse children and young people's interest and curiosity in art and cultural history. With "From log to city" we come to the school digitally and the aim is to create good art and history experiences in the classroom as well.

The theme of this program is the story of how important trade in timber has been for the formation of Drammen and its surroundings. Here, the pupils can work interactively and be inspired for their own activity by watching three films, competing in a quiz and making a water wheel. In this way, we hope to reach the target group and be an important supplement in the school with anchoring in the curriculum.


  • What: Digital teaching program
  • For whom: 7th grade in Drammen and others
  • Duration: 2-3 school hours (Film 27 min. + quiz 20 min. + practical task)
  • Implementation: In the classroom and possibly outdoors.
  • Subject affiliation: Social studies and possibly arts and crafts, use of digital tools.

From Tømmerstok to city can be used freely by all schools in all municipalities throughout the country. The teaching program is suitable for 5th - 7th grades, junior high school can benefit from the offer, as part of social studies and possibly arts and crafts.

Drammen municipality has included the scheme in The cultural school bag for the 7th grade, so the program is compulsory for this grade. This program is a nice overview of the period leading up to the industrial revolution, which is the era covered by the DKS programs for 8th grade at the Berger Museum: "Textile industry before and now" and at Solberg Spinderi: "On the spinning wheel".

Social Studies:

The goal is for the students to be able to explore how people in the past subsisted, and conversation about how central changes in the basis of life and technology have affected and are affecting demography, living conditions and settlement patterns.

Arts and crafts:

The goal is for students to be able to:
-use hand tools and joining techniques in wood, in an environmentally aware and safe way and be able to investigate how traditional crafts utilize the properties of natural materials.
-use experiences to make simple objects of use.


It would be great if you could provide feedback on how this teaching program has worked for you to:



"From log to city"

PART 1 (27 min)

Watch 3 films that are ready on the museum's YouTube channel. All you have to do is click here.

Link: Film 1 "My ship is loaded with" is about how the timber trade began and life on and around the Drammen river blossomed.

Link: Movie 2 "Spring's Most Dangerous Adventure" is about how the timber trade and timber floating sped up after you got the boom saw.

Link: Film 3 "With silver spoon in mouth" tells how the privileged class established itself not least because of the timber trade.

PART 2 (20 min)

Quiz: In the second part, the students are activated through a quiz about the films. The students can be divided into groups and answer this interactive quiz:  Finally, they get an overview of how many answers they have completed. Then they can try again :)


Practical task: Make a water wheel.

For more information, you can read the teacher's guide here:  TEACHER'S GUIDE


Hilde Julsrud

phone: 48 95 75 48