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What can architecture say about the time it was built?

We walk through parts of Tollbugata and on to Drammen's Museum to get to know the city's history better. Several of the buildings are from the 18th and 19th centuries and their owners were the city's wealthy traders and merchants. How can we see it on the houses? What do the houses tell about the owner's position and wealth? Can we see differences on the front and back? The students learn some important characteristics of the styles in which several of the buildings in Tollbugata were built.

After the city tour, the students get to play a board game at the museum, where the questions are taken from the presentation. The class gets to bring the game to school. 

Primary school, 5th grade

Municipalities: Drammen

Contact person

Hilde Julsrud. 48 95 75 48

Change of day and time must go through the contact person at Drammens Museum. Orientation meeting for teachers is based on well-known programs.

Practical information

  • For whom: 5th grade Drammen and Frydenhaug school
  • Duration: 1 h. 40 min.
  • Method: dialogue, play, cooperation, games in the workshop.
  • What: City walk in Tollbugata to Marienlyst and Drammens Museum followed by games in the workshop.
  • Bus: Brandtsgård buss AS, 934 98 678,  The bus has been ordered by the museum. The bus comes and picks up the students at school approx. 20 minutes before the scheduled time. The bus drops you off at the intersection Neumannsgate - Tollbugata, where the walk begins. Danvik and Brandengen do not get a bus because short distance. These schools meet at the intersection Neumanngate - Tollbodgata.

The museum educator meets you at the intersection Neumannsgate - Tollbugata. You do not need to bring bags. The museum is responsible for all material.
Wear clothes according to the weather! The walk with conversation takes approx. 45 min.

After playing at the museum, the students are picked up by the bus at Drammens Museum, Marienlyst.

Anchoring in the Curriculum

  • The goal is for the students to become better acquainted with the city's history and what the architecture can tell about the time and the people who lived then.
    After 7th grade in social studies, one of the goals of the education is for the student to be able to: "explore how people in the past made a living, and talk about how key changes in livelihoods and technology have affected and affect demographics, living conditions and living patterns."

Podcast about Drammen

If you as a teacher are interested in learning more about Drammen's history, we can recommend the podcast: Historiske Drammen made by Jo Sellæg and Camilla Fjeld Gustavsen.

The Historical Drammen podcast (

Before the museum visit

  • Make a drawing of e.g. the front door or school gate, without looking at it in advance. Afterwards, students can go out and see what it actually looks like. This is to make the students aware of what the architecture around them looks like. Alternatively, they can make a "correct" detail drawing of the same motif afterwards.
  • Talk about the architecture / buildings in the school's local environment.

After the museum visit

  • Watch the film «Urban history walk from Strømsø to Bragernes with a focus on history, architecture and styles». The film is on DVD "Aesthetics in Public Space-Urban History Walking", produced by Drammen municipality and DKS.
  • Color drawing of Cappelengården (1767), which you saw in Tollbugata during the walk. Pay attention to the details around the windows and door. Feel free to draw something in the windows. You can also paste people, flowers, etc. that you have cut out of a leaf. Then you get a collage. The drawing of Cappelengården is located here and can be printed out and enlarged. cappelengården sketch_large
    Material: A3 sheet, pencil, colors, sheet, glue
  • Use an arts and crafts lesson to create and color the game you were given at the museum. Pieces can be made from milk carton corks and dice you must have yourself. Print out the Arkitek Tour questions here:  Questions for ArkitekTurspillet

The cultural schoolbag Drammens Museum autumn 2023

Roadmap Architecture 5th grade Drammen and Frydenhaug school Drammen

Contact person
Hilde Julsrud. 48 95 75 48

Scheduled time applies to arrival at the intersection Neumannsgate / Tollbodgata and departure Drammens Museum
The bus picks up the students approx. 20 min before the program starts.

Last updated 24.07.23 HSJ

Mon 21 Aug
0900 – 1040 Gulskogen (25)
1130 – 1310 Gulskogen (26)

Tuesday 22 Aug.
0900 – 1040 Rødskog (19)
1130 - 1310 Aronsløkka (18)

Wed 23 Aug
0900 – 1040 Aronsløkka (17)
1130 – 1310 Aronsløkka (18)

Thursday 24 August
0900 – 1040 Konnerud (21)
1030 – 1210 Konnerud (21)
1150 – 1330 Konnerud (21)

Mon 28 Aug
0900 – 1040 Forests (17)
1130 – 1310 Hallermoen (25)

Tuesday 29 Aug.
0900 – 1040 Forests (17)
1130 – 1310 Brandengen, welcome class (20) NO BUS

Wed 30 Aug
0900 – 1040 Hallermoen (25)
1130 – 1310 Hallermoen (26)

Thu 31 Aug
0900 – 1040 Åskollen (16)
1030 – 1210 Åskollen (16)
1150 – 1330 Åskollen (17)

Tuesday 05 September
0900 – 1040 Bragernes (20)
1130 – 1310 Bragernes (21)

Wed 06 Sept.
0900 - 1040 Danvik (22) NOT BUS
1130 – 1310 Danvik (21) NO BUS

Thurs. 07 September
0900 – 1040 Mountains (25)
1030 – 1210 Mountains (25)
1150 – 1330 Mountains (24)

Mon 11 Sept.
0900 - 1040 Vestbygda (17)
1130 – 1310 Vestbygda (17)

Tuesday, Sept. 12
0900 – 1040 Brandengen (23) NO BUS
1030 – 1210 Brandengen (24) NO BUS
1150 – 1330 Brandengen (23) NO BUS

Wednesday 13 September
0900 – 1040 Øren (24)
1130 – 1310 Øren (24)

Mon 18 Sept.
0900 – 1040 Åssiden 1130 – 1310 Åssiden



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