Drammen Art Association's exhibition 2024

In collaboration with the Drammen Museum, the Drammen Art Association organizes an annual exhibition. In 2024, DKF has planned two different exhibitions where they have invited the artists Berit Myrvold and Sigrid Øyrehagen to the main exhibition in the Lychepaviljongen, as well as inviting Eiker Arkiv to create an exhibition about historical printing techniques which will be shown in the Museum building.

The exhibition in the Lychepaviljongen will show paintings by Berit Myrvold and collages by Sigrid Øyrehagen.

Myrvold's paintings give an experience of coloristic richness and complexity, where she reproduces nature and various landscape spaces through both spontaneous strokes of paint and elaborate compositions.

Øyrehagen makes her own graphic prints which she then destroys and assembles into larger graphic collages. In her collages, she creates motifs that alternate between landscapes, people and various interiors.