Drammen Kunstforening 2022

as light transforming colour

Kristin Lindberg and Lars Strandh

This year, Drammen Kunstforening has invited the artists Kristin Lindberg (b. 1950) and Lars Strandh (b. 1961) to this summer's exhibition in the Lyche pavilion. Kristin Lindberg works with embroidery, photography, earlier in her career she also worked with tapestries. Lars Strandh is known for his paintings which consist of thousands of horizontal thin brushstrokes.

Welcome to the exhibition ”as light transforming colour”At Drammens Museum this summer.

Kristin Lindberg and Lars Strandh explore colors from different methodological approaches within embroidery, painting and drawings, respectively. 

Lindberg's multifaceted embroideries are beautiful stories about color. They can immediately look like monochrome squares, but which, in the face of light and the surroundings around them, attain new dimensions, gain depth, structure and are perceived as multicolored.

Strandh's paintings have endless color variations in the painted stripes that lie layer upon layer. Like Lindberg, Strandh works with one color and explores its infinite richness. The paintings are experienced up close with great color variation and almost monochrome at a distance.

Color, light, insistence, repetition and time are well-formulated and at the same time expressively embodied in both works. Contemplation, color memories, memories or wonder can be other key words to experience the exhibition.

which lights up moves the color - consists of 81 works and is installation-based, where individual works and groups relate to each other.

The exhibition is curated by Kristin Lindberg and Lars Strandh.

Drammen Art Association's exhibition 2022 

Lyche pavilion, Drammens Museum