Wonder and reminiscence

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Free mediation for people with dementia.

We want to offer people with dementia in a mild to moderate phase a dialogue-based communication, where the aim is to arouse wonder, curiosity and recollection. It's about being challenged and stimulated to discover new things, while the objects and art can recall old memories.

We are concerned that the participants should feel safe, and at the same time create room for feedback and an open dialogue.

You can choose between these mediations:

Current exhibition: We offer tailored communication in our current exhibitions in the Lychepaviljongen. We have about 4 exhibitions during a year.

Hallingtunet: In the summer term, we offer adapted communication at Hallingtunet.

Duration: About 45 minutes

It is possible to eat before or after the presentation in the cafe. Ordered in advance of the visit.

Contact person: