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Living landscape.

Thorvald Erichsen's painting 1920-1939

The landscape had no dominant position in the painting of the modern artists in Europe in the period between the two world wars, other than as an arena for people and architecture. But with Thorvald Erichsen (1868-1939), the "pure" landscape becomes his main occupation for the last 20 years of his life.

The exhibition, which is curated by art historian Per Bjarne Boym, creates an opportunity to become more familiar with this side of Erichsen's art. And thus provides material for a direct confrontation with the paintings that Rolfsen describes as "the least cunning, the most immediately captivating images in modern Norwegian art". Are the late Erichsen's paintings purely historically interesting, or are his landscape paintings still living art? And if so, in what directions do experiences, perceptions and descriptions of these paintings lead us today?

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