November Exhibition 2021

Buskerud Visual Artists

The November exhibition is an annual exhibition arranged by Buskerud Bildende Kunstnere in collaboration with Drammens Museum. Anyone who lives in, or has a connection with the region previously called Buskerud, can submit work.
The exhibition is judged by board members in BBK plus two external jury members chosen by the board.
Application for the November exhibition takes place in 2 rounds, first by digital submission via e-mail, then, for those who proceed, by submitting works to the 2nd jury. Those who are accepted after the second jury must be prepared to submit a small text describing the work, to help the art communicators at the museum.
No reason is given for refusal.

The jury in 2021 consists of:
Kari Anne Helleberg Bahri (jury leader), Yola Tsolis, HÃ¥vard S. Johansen, Per Hess, Susanne Kathlen Mader.

The exhibition is held in Drammens Museum's premises, the Lyche pavilion according to current infection control rules.
At the opening, the prize "Most significant work of the year" and "Debutant of the year" will be awarded.
Both prizes are judged by NBK's national jury.

The board of BBK sees the November exhibition as its most important single event. Here, the audience meets the county's professional artists side by side with debutants and others who are on the threshold of an artistic career.

The exhibition is supported by Buskerud County Municipality and Drammen Municipality.

Some key dates for the November exhibition 2021:

03.10.21 Deadline for digital submission to the 1st jury
27.10.21 Submission of works to the 2nd jury at 15-18
03.11.21 Extradition refused work at 15-18
17.11.21 Opening of the November exhibition at 19
04.01.21 Delivery of presumed works at 15-18