Lecture by Nina E. Høye, conservator NMF and head of the Marienlyst project

Relevant and up-to-date communication about the city and social development in Drammen through the Marienlyst project. Revitalization, anchoring and inclusion.

After being a display site for Drammen Museum's collections 1911-1928 and then a manor house museum with style-historical exhibitions and a magazine for the collections, the pleasure garden Marienlyst will go through a restoration and revitalization process. This applies to both the buildings and the interiors. We will also rethink how we can update the communication to make Marienlyst relevant to the public.

Lecturer: NMF conservator and head of the Marienlyst project: Nina E. Høye.

Place: The museum's main building, Konnerudgata 7, 3045 Drammen