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Children's art club

Theme: Botanical sun prints

On Friday 26 April, a photo exhibition opens at Marienlyst farm. They are students from Drammen school. who exhibit pictures they have photographed inside Marienlyst farm. "ANNO 2024" is an exhibition with Drammen Videregående which shows photographic works with motifs from inside and around the pleasure garden Marienlyst. The students have investigated light, shadow and details in the empty buildings. Both traditional photography in large format and cyanotype are shown. Cyanotype is a photographic technique invented in 1842, also known as blueprint.

The children get to see this exhibition and we talk about what we see and about old photography techniques. In the workshop this time, the children can make cyanotopies from plants they find in the museum's gardens.

We meet at 11.00-12.30.

Parents get free entry to the museum. It costs NOK 50 for children to participate and NOK 25 from child no. 2 (max NOK 75 per family).