Klausen og Røed

A conversation about art

Kristian Klausen and Kjetil Røed

Drammens Museum and Drammensbiblioteket have in collaboration invited Kjetil Røed and Kristian Klausen to a conversation about art, life, death and Drammen. Kjetil Røed is from Drammen. He is the editor of the magazine Billedkunst and is a reviewer for several Norwegian newspapers.
In recent years he has published the books «Art and Life. An instruction manual »(2019) and« Art and death. An instruction manual »(2021) Kristian Klausen was born in 1971 in Drammen. Klausen made his debut in 2008 with the collection of short stories «Måltidet i Emmaus». In 2014, he was awarded the Bookstore's author scholarship. That same year, "My life was a hot library" was nominated for the P2 listeners' novel prize. The novel "The Little Man from Argentina" is his latest publication.