We at the museum

In addition to museum director Åsmund Thorkildsen, we are 10 employees at Drammens Museum who work in various ways to ensure that our audience is met with a comprehensive and varied museum offer.

Åsmund Thorkildsen, Museum Director

Eivor Winther Sunesen
finance and administration manager

My job is to ensure that we have good financial management, functional operation and efficient utilization of resources. There is a lot of planning, coordination and follow-up.
In addition, I lead the museum's maintenance projects. I have an important task as the museum's link to the friends' associations. My goal is to create good collaboration to facilitate valuable charitable efforts.

John Ivar Thun
Craftsman and operations technician

25 years at Drammens Museum has given me good insight into the building stock and not least the challenges. As the only craftsman at the museum, it can often be experienced as lonely and overwhelming. On the other hand, varied tasks give me contact with a variety of professions and inspiration from interested and dedicated, not least to the museum's friends' associations.

Turid Delerud
Project manager Holmsbu Picture Gallery

Holmsbu Picture Gallery is well and efficiently taken care of by Turid Delerud who takes care of the daily operation of the public offer. She serves reception, telephone, bookings as well as guides even groups that book tours of the gallery. She works in teams with Bjørn Vollen who has outstanding operational tasks with maintenance of the buildings.

Frøydis Heimdal

The museum's switchboard, mail handling and administrative archive, and preparations for accounting are taken care of by receptionist Frøydis Heimdal. It is Frøydis Heimdal who kindly meets the audience on weekdays at the ticket counter in the museum building, the museum's reception, and on the phone for those who call. She gets good help from Lena on weekends and holidays.

Nancy K. Nyrud
Collection and exhibition coordinator

My job is to make sure that objects we are responsible for are safe in the magazines and in the exhibitions, and registration and cataloging of these. I also help the public if they have questions about objects, archive material or photos that have been given to the museum. Assembling exhibitions at the museum is also part of my job, and I am the contact person for other museums who want to borrow paintings or objects for their exhibitions, both in Norway and Europe.

Margit Kristine Opheim

Responsible Lyche pavilion

Margit K Opheim is responsible for the public offer in the Lyche pavilion and arranges cafe operations and a museum shop, and the sale of tickets for exhibitions. She is also responsible for the summer kiosk at Gulskogen farm. Margit is well helped by Ellen, Bente and Astrid both on weekdays, weekends and holidays. The museum has rental business with function rooms at Austad farm and meeting rooms at Marienlyst and it is Margit K Opheim who follows up our tenants.

Lasse Hermansen Bjørnland
Museum educator, bays

My work mainly consists of planning and implementing various programs at the museum. Most programs are part of DKS, but as a museum educator you also have programs other than dissemination to children and young people. We constantly have different associations and private individuals who want dissemination in the various exhibitions, or the magnificent farms that the museum manages. It is the museum educators who plan and carry out these disseminations.

Grete Kirsten Engen
Museum educator

My job is to plan, organize and implement a dissemination program for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. The same also applies to the Children's Art Club and other family events.
In addition to this, I am responsible for the implementation of various cultural packages in collaboration with the hotels, as well as dissemination to groups who visit the museum's many facilities.

Hilde Julsrud
Museum educator

As a museum educator, I am responsible for planning, organizing and the practical implementation of the museum's dissemination work, as well as developing new dissemination offers and forms of dissemination for the entire museum's scope in art and cultural history, from artefacts to buildings, from exhibitions to gardens. In addition, I am responsible for the preparation of dissemination materials and contact with the school system, teams and associations.

Ida M. Klingvall
Project and event coordinator

My job is to follow up various projects at the museum - it can be exhibition projects or book and catalog publications. In addition, I am responsible for digital dissemination, visual profile and social media. I also help set the program for our Culture Evenings and facilitate our events. A lot of what I do is about audience development - how we reach new target groups and take care of those we have.

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