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November Exhibition 2021

Per Anders Nordby - Myths - Traditions - Structures

What Looks Good is Still Good

Drammen Art Association's exhibition 2021: Erik Asla - The movement's silence

Kåre Øijord
A man, his time and his landscape

What looks good is good

What Looks Good is Good!

November Exhibition 2020

Livets Symboler

Symbols of life

New looks

November exhibition 2019

Drammen Art Association's exhibition 2019

Drammen Kunstforening exhibition 2019

Aaserud ceramics

November exhibition 2018

Art Straight Vest

Drammen Kunstforening 2018

An open-air sanatorium for the city's population

Cover - Morten Juvet in Nøstetangenrommet and Visningsrommet

Morten Juvet in the Nøstetangen room

From spout to silk embroidery - An insider's selection from the museum's collection