Sjøboden - Drammenselva seen through a boathouse

In one of Drammen's few remaining boathouses, which was moved from Rundtom in Drammen to the river bank at Gulskogen farm in the 1960s, the museum houses a unique local history exhibition about the Drammenselva and its significance for the city's business, traffic and cultural history. Sjøboden's two floors, which house the exhibition «Drammenselva - seen through a sea hut», shows themes such as timber floating, timber surveying, organization of timber life, ship carpenter's tools, boom binding, industry along the river with sawmills, paper mills and brickworks, settling boats, fishing huts in Drammen and across the river. The exhibition consists of objects, photographs and descriptive texts for the various themes, and the audience can walk around to learn more about the city's history. We want both new and old Drammen residents to experience this exhibition and hold it open every weekend this summer. In addition, it is entirely possible for groups to book a visit at any time between the end of May and the middle of September.