November Exhibition 2020

In the middle of the corona period, Buskerud Bildende Kunstnere opens its annual November exhibition 2020, but we can unfortunately not arrange the exhibition opening as planned as it is not allowed to gather people indoors according to Drammen municipality's regulations § 1 Closure of public places and businesses where cultural, entertainment or leisure activities indoors. This includes b) Museums. The museum is closed as long as these guidelines apply in Drammen. Exempted from the rule on closure, cf. §1 second paragraph applies to, among other things, f) galleries and other sales of art.

The November exhibition is an annual sales exhibition that shows both established artists and debutants. The exhibitions are an important sales arena for artists where we are responsible for disseminating sales. We will keep the sales exhibition open from Thursday 19 November with extra security and access control, even though the museum is otherwise closed.

The museum takes infection control rules seriously and is confident that we can maintain a safe framework for art sales.