November Exhibition 2006

Press release

Press screening in the Lyche pavilion, Drammens Museum
Tuesday, November 21 at 12: 00-13: 00

Opening on Thursday 23 November at 19.00 in the Lyche pavilion, Drammens Museum
The exhibition runs until 14 January 2007

The November exhibition is an annual exhibition arranged by Buskerud Bildende Kunstnere. Anyone who lives in Buskerud, or who is connected to the county can submit work. The exhibition is held in Drammens Museum's premises, Lyche Pavilion and is financially supported by Buskerud County Municipality. The submitted works in visual art are judged by BBK's jury, which is also responsible for assembling the exhibition.

The November exhibition is BBK's annual event and in 2006 is the 29th in a row. The exhibition aims to try to show a cross-section of what is about visual art in Buskerud county. The prizes have been awarded by representatives of the National Jury (Autumn Exhibition 2006).

380 works have been submitted for this year's November exhibition. The artists could deliver a minimum of two, a maximum of three works each. 73 works are estimated and 65 artists have submitted these works.

This year, as last year, there are 13 debutants among the expected, and is proof of a good growth in the artistic arena in the county. The exhibition shows a varied expression in many different techniques, the main part of which is painting. But the range of expressions is also diverse with different variations in graphics, drawing and photography, sculptures and installations. The use of materials varies from more traditional use of the canvas, to collage and mixing techniques and experimentation with metal, glass and woodwork.

The exhibition
We greatly appreciate the large number of applications, and believe the exhibition helps to stimulate the art environment in the county in that it is open for non-members of BBK to apply for the exhibition - provided they have or have had a connection to Buskerud.

The exhibition gives the audience the opportunity to experience a range of both traditional and more modern expressions in the visual arts. The exhibition testifies to an active and diverse artistic activity in our county.

This year, the jury has also chosen not to include their own work, as we wanted to prioritize giving space for the submitted work.

A prize of NOK 20,000 will be awarded for the Novemberust exhibition's most significant work. The award for best nominated debutant is NOK 5,000. The funds for the prizes are given from Sparebank 1, Drammens Gavefond 2006. This is an important celebration that we believe will help stimulate the art environment in the county. The prize winners will be announced during the opening.

Press screening will be held on Tuesday 21.11.05 in the Lyche pavilion at 12.00 - 13:00.

Contact for BBK's jury is Kristin Skagen, Tel .: 32788459/90759727.

With best regards
Ellen Treider

Exhibition coordinator