Nøstetangen room

The Nøstetangen room shows glass art from the 18th century with the Bacchus cup engraved by HG Köhler as the highlight.

Here is also a large collection of the rare Drammens earthenware, in addition to magnificent pieces of silver mugs and pewter.

The new assembly (2001-) of Drammens Museum's collections of old Norwegian glass, Drammen earthenware, silver and tin, shows a center of gravity in the museum's collections. In each of these areas, the museum has some of the country's largest and finest public collections. The objects from the crystal works at Nøstetangen glassworks (1743-77), Aas green glass cabin (1744-62), Hurdel works (1762-1820) and Gjøvik glassworks (1820-) are very extensive.

The collection of Drammen earthenware consists of goods produced at Bruun's pottery factory in Drammen (1760-80). The factory's products have similarities with the other Norwegian earthenware factory, Herrebø near Halden, but were in operation twice as long. The preserved products are few and rare. The collections of silver and tin are of the same high quality that guild craftsmen also produced in other Norwegian cities in the 16-17-1800s.

Curator: Einar Sørensen and exhibition design: Reidun Bull-Hansen

The exhibition in the Nøstetangen room is closed from 04 March to 27 March.

Summer open:
Monday to Sunday at 11.00 - 15.00