Garden art on display

"Garden art on display" is the name of a large garden history exhibition in the Lyche pavilion, where both well-known and unknown gardens from the region are presented and which convey the European influence on Norwegian gardens and parks, from the 17th century until today. The exhibition will include maps, photography, film, paintings, garden models, plants and interiors.

In the past, gardens were absolutely necessary parts of a household, whether in the countryside or in the city. The farms had small or large gardens: herb gardens, kitchen gardens, orchards and flower and ornamental gardens that provided people with necessary products. Cultivation methods were developed to a level that we can hardly imagine today. At the same time, gardens were also practiced as an art form from a broad and learned literature.

The academic background for the exhibition is presented in parallel in a book. The exhibition is a collaborative project between the initiator Drammens Museum and Telemark Museum, Vestfoldmuseene and Østfoldmuseene. The main theme is how the oceans developed and changed character over several hundred years, and how the result has become the planting methods we can register today in our private and public spaces.

Open every day from 11.00 - 15.00