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Back to nature - Manor house Marienlyst in Drammen

Filmed presentation from the launch of the book "BACK TO NATURE: Lystgården Marienlyst in Drammen", by the museum's chief curator Dr. Philos Mikkel B. Tin. by: from the heyday of the trade patrician in the 18th century, through the great political and economic upheavals around the turn of the century, to the entry of new classes in the 19th century. Desire and usefulness have obviously been emphasized differently by different owners. Along the way, the building history illustrates how they have maneuvered between the local building customs and the continent's changing styles. Secondly, the work of the Enlightenment for progress and free thought, often as it unfolded around the coffee table in the gazebo; and thirdly, the urban citizen's romantic notion of the simple and natural life in the country, with natural housekeeping and natural similarity between people - the dream of returning to nature, Rousseau's slogan.

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