Publication - Crossroads

Author: Øivind Storm Bjerke, professor at IFIKK, UiO.

The publication is published in connection with the photo exhibition Crossroads which is shown at Lillehammer Art Museum 14.06 - 15.09 2014 and at Drammens Museum in the period 21.01 - 25.05 2015.

American and Norwegian art photography are in a close relationship with each other. The publication is richly illustrated by the work of a number of Norwegian, American and American-Norwegian photographers.

Published at Labyrinth Press 2014.

Norwegian and English edition.

Kr 250, -

Curator of the exhibition: Øivind Storm Bjerke.
Project group: Åsmund Thorkildsen, Svein Olav Hoff, Harald Gautneb and Ida Klingvall.

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