Press release - Strengthening of the Open Air Museum at Marienlyst

Press release

Strengthening of the Open Air Museum at Marienlyst

For more than a decade, Drammens Museum has worked purposefully to build up the facility at Marienlyst into a professionally strong and varied offer for the museum's audience. This has been reflected in the active use of the Lyche pavilion as an exhibition space, both for the permanent art and design collection and for changing exhibitions. The exhibition of first-class folk art and art industry in the main building and the use of the beautiful Nøstetangen room for solo projects in everything from handicrafts, visual arts and architecture, means that the object culture is in a broad sense very well taken care of. In addition, there is the historic rehabilitation of the historic gardens and facilities of the Japanese Sea. With the Open-Air Museum at Marienlyst, the museum has been able to present a comprehensive and comprehensive museum offer. The school program in a new workshop and cultural evenings on current topics help to activate the museum's mainstay. In order to be able to concern as many people as possible, we consistently focus on a varied offer.

The open-air museum at Marienlyst was originally planned to be much larger than it appears today. In order for the village's building customs and way of life to continue to be communicated in a first-class way, it should be strengthened with more buildings. In order to achieve this and to be able to solve the problems associated with an open-air museum on Bragernesåsen, which unfortunately was never completed, the museum's board in a meeting on 14 October unanimously decided the following:

«The museum's board decides to consolidate and expand the open-air museum at Marienlyst. The open-air museum at Bragernesåsen will therefore be closed down through a controlled process for transfer to Marienlyst and return and / or transfer of the remaining buildings. The museum's management follows the procedure and schedule for relocation and return as described in the director's case presentation «Friluftsmuseene på Drammens Museum - October 2015», dated 9 October 2015. The case presentation becomes public as a result of the decision in Case No. 12/15 and follows the board decision. The practical and financial implementation of this will soon be discussed with Drammen municipality and Buskerud county municipality. "

The museum will carry out this project with thorough and quality-assured processes and in close collaboration with Drammen municipality and Buskerud county municipality. The project will run over a period of up to five years to ensure quality at all levels. A successful implementation of this demanding project could provide a benefit both for Drammens Museum's main arena at Marienlyst and it could enrich rural museums and historic yards in the county with restored buildings. A successful return has already taken place in that Korshorgen, which was stored on Bragernesåsen for years today, has been set up again on Nedre Eiker.

Questions should be directed to the museum's chairman Haakon Fossen and the museum's director, Åsmund Thorkildsen

Drammen, October 21, 2015

Haakon Fossen, Chairman of the Board                                                                      

Åsmund Thorkildsen

Museum director

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