Popular lecture series on the concept of identity

What do we put in the concept of identity? In a series of lectures, we have invited researchers in various disciplines to share their knowledge with us and the public at our Culture Evenings based on the concept of identity.

The concept of identity is used and referred to in so many different contexts and is filled with different content, that we have wanted to become more aware of the use of the term. But identity is about who we are and how we look at ourselves and about how others look at us and not least who we want to be.

The lectures have proven to be very popular, and it probably has something to do with the fact that we are interested in ourselves - we want to know who we are and how we can become a better version of ourselves. So far we have had the following to discuss the concept; Åsmund Thorkildsen and Øivind Storm Bjerke, Finn Skårderud, Sigmund Karterud, Trond Berg Eriksen and Bishop Per Arne Dahl.

We are concerned with the concept of identity as we, as an art and cultural history museum, have objects, exhibitions and works that cover most entrances to how one has previously understood oneself to how one defines one's identity in today's cultural diversity. To feel safe in one's own identity, many say is about knowing the history of one's city, others say the history of one's country or the history of Europe or the world. Drammen has always been an international city and with today's multicultural Drammen, there is no question of one identity. 

What is it that has helped shape our identity at different times and what factors are shaping us today? Today we have greater social mobility in contrast to the farming community, but what challenges do we face in today's society and media reality? How important is the number of likes and shares for our self-image? Our lives are not constant and our identity is about what choices and decisions we make along the way. There are endless ways to live a life and is it not a sign of health if we have more identities to play with? Identity and culture change over time, and globalization means that we can just as easily like Turkish hip-hop as Norwegian folk tunes or that we prefer a pair of Marc Jacobs gloves over knitted seal mittens. 

Welcome to our next Culture Evening on September 27th! Then Nina Witoszek will come and tell us about the Norwegian identity seen through Polish eyes. 

Previous lectures

Spring 2015

Øivind Storm Bjerke: Selfies in contemporary image culture
Åsmund Thorkildsen: Cindy Sherman's self-portrait settings

Autumn 2015

Finn Skårderud: Self-portraits in the visual arts

Spring 2016

Trond Berg Eriksen: What is the identity?

Autumn 2016

Sigmund Karterud: Narcissism in women and men

Spring 2017

Per Arne Dahl: Free and keep me well! About identity and grace

Ida M. Klingvall

Project and event coordinator

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