Museum 2020

The editor's reflections

In the Drammen author Kristian Klausen's latest novel Death in
 the main characters get lost in the museum park here
Marienlyst after a long walk. Konnerudgata has also received
an important symbolic meaning for the main character Mark Rothko.
The whole novel is filled with places and descriptions of Drammen
which is not so strange considering that Klausen lives and works in
Drammen. The radical thing is that he has invented a universe there
famous american artists live, move and work here.

This spring, we have seen that Drammen residents have taken action. We never have
well seen so many use the hiking trails we have both along the river, Bragernesåsen and
Strømsåsen. We have needed to move in a daily life with the quarantine
and then we can be really happy that we live in a city where it is laid out
for movement and physical activity. There are many who have argued that to
walking, walking or walking does something with us, that it allows us to process it
we have worked with, processed something that is difficult or simply just
can let the mind fly. Both Plato and Socrates gave traveling lectures
and Rousseau claimed he could not think without walking at the same time.

I think the corona situation has made many of us think
through what we want to fill our lives with in the future.
Suddenly we have been in a situation where neither work nor cultural
offers are a matter of course. But we have more time to read and
maybe a little more time to think about how we want it.
In this edition of the Museum, we have chosen to focus even more on ours
gardens and parks than in previous years. There are our showrooms outside,
and we hope you take the trip to Gulskogen farm, Hallingtunet,
the historic garden or the Japanese garden. These are places
one can seek out completely free of charge, alone or with others. Here
one can move a little slower, relax and reflect.

This is the 6th issue of the magazine Museet which we look forward to publishing
each year. Here we are shown and told who we are and how we work. The
is something with the format and the way we browse and read something that is on paper.
It does something to us, we may read a little slower and put in
once a reflection that we lose in our fast digital everyday life.

In this magazine, we first and foremost want to tell about what is happening
coming summer and autumn, which exhibitions the public can see, ongoing
projects that we work with and who we collaborate with. We also communicate all this with the public via Facebook, instagram, Newsletter and website. After all, it is on our digital surfaces that most of us are.

That we also want to publish the Museum, which will not only be a program,
but also having the shape of a magazine or magazine is for that we want to
some of the content should go more in depth. This year we have changed the design a bit
which we believe has a lot to say for the magazine to be read. It's still in one
recognizable format, but on a new paper and a little more color than before.
I hope you put the magazine in your bag on a walk this summer
and puts you in a place that is suitable for a quiet reading time.

Ida Klingvall

The magazine can be read in its entirety here:

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