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The barn from Straumen has now been completely restored

The barn from Straumen in Norway has been completely restored with several extensive and necessary improvements. Traditional craftsmen Audun Eken, Eivind Vinger and Thomas Løken have restored the log building which is now secured for the future.

Toenstua, from Svene in Flesberg, has been renovated now that the roof has been restored and important drainage work has been carried out around the building. TG tradisjonshåndverk AS with Tonny Gundersen and Tom Ivar Jæger has carried out the building protection work on the listed living room.

Traditional craftsmen have worked hard since September 2020 to be able to complete the two buildings by Christmas. And the museum is very pleased with the result.

The museum is very grateful for the significant financial support for the building protection work. Drammen municipality has provided extraordinary grants for maintenance 2019-2020 and Viken county municipality has allocated funds for the restoration program for cultural-historical buildings.

The Friends of the Open Air Museum have also contributed valuable contributions to these projects and are a good partner for the museum.

The museum has hired a building consultant, architect Nils Friis, specializing in Numedalslåver, to ensure good design and professional support for the traditional craftsmen along the way.

The restoration project has also had other important and positive ripple effects for the building protection environment in the region. During the Cultural Heritage Days September 2020, the Past Memory Association, in collaboration with the museum, held a course for local craftsmen in restoration lofts. The course was added to Låve fra Straumen and was taught by traditional craftsman Audun Eken, and Ivar Jørstad from Bygningsvernsenteret, and ensured important knowledge transfer about the choice of timber, treatment of timber, patching and restoration lofts.

The museum's communicator Anna Piquer in Prats has followed the ongoing work throughout the autumn and documented both the restoration work and the restoration loft course with photos, film and conversations with the craftsmen. She has produced a digital dissemination, with three films, which will be launched on the museum's website today.

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