Generous support for Art Criticism on the fly

Drammens Museum has received support from the Norwegian Cultural Council for further development of the concept "Art criticism on fire!"

Yesterday, Drammens Museum arranged "Art criticism on the spot" for the third time with art historian Øivind Storm Bjerke, artist and director Morten Viskum and artist Sigrid Øyrehagen in a panel that drew a full house. Art criticism on the fly has been developed by Drammens Museum.

The Norwegian Cultural Council has for the first time set aside funds to strengthen art criticism and Drammens Museum was fortunate to receive NOK 75,000 to further develop the concept «Art criticism on the fly». One of the goals of the Norwegian Cultural Council is that art criticism should reach more and new audience groups and that cultural users can participate and engage in the public conversation. Yesterday, several of the audience took the floor who showed both understanding and commitment to the works of art that were shown.

"Art criticism fired!" is about giving an assessment of a work of art live. The panelists had selected 5 works from art history that the panelists had to give a taste judgment on the spot. Øivind Storm Bjerke was the evening's veteran who has been involved in this for the 3rd time and impressed once again with his quick and well-formulated assessments. Morten Viskum had chosen 2 of his own works and said with irony in his voice "I'm not exactly known for being concerned with myself"

Drammens Museum experiences that this concept helps to remove prejudices both with regard to the fact that art criticism is inaccessible and meaningless and that it helps to promote how much knowledge there is in evaluating a work of art. They see how many different entrances there can be to art. It's about learning to see.

The art historian or artist appears in this concept as anti-authoritarian, they are participants who converse with each other or with the audience. This is about finding good arguments for their taste judgments.

An audience survey was also conducted at yesterday's event with as many as 61 responses to be used in further development of the concept. What emerges clearly is that the audience wants to learn and that they see the value of critical thinking!

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