Find Schjøll on the museum's garden day

Finn Schjøll held a terrific flower show on the museum's garden day on 22 May. The audience clapped and laughed so the tears rolled! There was otherwise a good atmosphere among exhibitors and in the children's workshops.

We started with a garden day in 2013 in connection with the exhibition Garden Art on Exhibition and the publication Norwegian Garden Art Under European Sky where chief curator Einar Sørensen was curator of the exhibition and main author of the book.

We are so lucky that we have several gardens and parks in changing styles. We have the park at Gulskogen farm. We have a village garden with fruit trees and tuntra. We have a small Japanese garden. Outside the Museum building, we have a garden complex in a classic style that is planned in dialogue with the building. We have a historic garden at old Marienlyst. There is an axis from the small gazebo in the historic garden from the end of the 18th century, through the old gazebo facility in Gamle Marienlyst and to the classic garden facility which last year was returned according to the architect Arbo's drawings.

As a cultural history museum, it is important for us to preserve and communicate the oceans as forms that refer to the customs and values of different times. Gardens and parks are cultural monuments and in a museum's ownership and management, these are defined as cultural-historical objects.

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