Lunchtime viewing: Perspektiv Drammen

We at Drammen's museum want to give the public greater insight into the museum's art collections, with a perspective on our city - Drammen.

The museum has collections built up over more than 150 years, and this exhibition is the first in a series where the museum will show more from the collections, and at the same time show the permanent exhibitions in new contexts.

In this exhibition there are well-known motifs from the city and the river, and works by well-known artists connected to Drammen. Here there are both classic city motifs, forest landscapes, relationships and abstract images. From the very low-key to big color explosions. Which image hits you right?

You will also see rarely exhibited prospectuses from vantage points around the city, made in the 18th and 19th centuries. Now you can stand in Rebbansbakken anno approx. 1825 and see the city below you. Do you recognize your local area? Do you see how the city is developing and growing? Here you are allowed to stand close to the pictures and compare!

Take a friend with you or come alone, and have an art break with a cultural refill with one of our mediators. We meet at the reception at the Museum building.

The offer is free. Duration: approx. 40 min.