Kulturkveld samtale

Cultural evening - Living landscape

Curator Per Bjarne Boym and project manager Ida M. Klingvall in conversation about this spring's exhibition Living landscape - Thorvald Erichsen's painting 1920-39. How can man and the landscape play together? How can today's audience encounter these landscapes? Are the late Erichsen paintings exclusively historically interesting, or are his landscape paintings still living art? These are some of the questions we will touch on this evening.

This cultural evening we will meet in the Lychepaviljongen where the main exhibition with Erichsen's landscape paintings from Holmsbu and Kjelsøy is mounted. The exhibition and this Cultural Evening are a unique opportunity to get to know Thorvald Erichsen's late landscape paintings better. Curator Per Bjarne Boym is the one who knows the artistry best and has worked with this for over 35 years.

The exhibition has received mentions and reviews in Dagsavisen, Kunstavisen, Aftenposten, Klassekampen and most recently by art critic Mona Pahle Bjerke in NRK P2 with the headline Brilliant color music.
Link to the review here:

The event has free entrance, and you only need to show up at the Lychepaviljongen.