ALL SUMMER - Workshop for children

In our workshop, children can create pictures inspired by the artists Kristin Lindberg and Lars Strandh in the exhibition: "as the light moves the colour". First take a look at their pictures in the exhibition and unfold yourself in the workshop afterwards.

Christine Lindberg. Outside the exhibition, you can see a film where Kristin embroiders. Here you can see how she sews and how long it takes. There are thousands of stitches in each image. It takes time! Today, we are not so used to things taking a long time. In the exhibition you will see many of her pictures, where each picture has a colour. The thread is embroidered upwards, downwards and at an angle, which means that the light hits the threads differently. Therefore, it looks like the images are embroidered with different colors.   

Lars Strandh is a painter and is also concerned with colour. From a distance, it looks like his paintings only have one color, but when you get closer, you see that the painting is made with very many thin lines. Lars paints lines with many different shades of color and different glosses. The lines are painted layer upon layer, next to each other. The largest pictures have about 7.5 kilometers of lines!! It is long and it also takes a long time to make! These lines also change color depending on where you stand and in relation to the light.

The offer is free.