What Looks Good is Good

New works in the collection

We have the pleasure of presenting new works in the collection in the Exhibition Room in the Museum Building. The purchased works are by the artists Ulla-Mari Brantenberg, Marit Tingleff, Ann-Cathrin November Høibo and Tron Meyer.

We start the new year with a digital exhibition. The works we show are purchased at the end of the special year 2020 for the first million Minister of Culture Abid Raja distributed in October as part of the compensation and stimulation scheme for the cultural sector. It was particularly gratifying news at the end of the corona year. Abid Raja wanted to stimulate creative artistic activity and distributed 23 million to 15 different art museums for the purchase of contemporary art, crafts and design from galleries and exhibition venues in Norway or directly from the artist. More purchases are planned in the next quarter for the second million.

Two of the artists Ulla-Mari Brantenberg and Marit Tingleff have previously exhibited in the Nøstetangen room here at Drammens Museum. Marit Tingleff in 2002 and Ulla-Mari Brantenberg in 2005, but at that time there was unfortunately no budget to buy works by the artists for the collection. Many of the works purchased at Drammens Museum have just been purchased by artists who have been invited to exhibit here. When an artist has been invited to exhibit at Drammens Museum, they have been considered one of the best in their field, so we are pleased to finally have them in the collection.