3 Positions - 29 Situations

The Japanese Garden at Drammens Museum is a project that was carried out in the period 2011 - 2013 led by the museum's director Åsmund Thorkildsen and finance and administration manager Eivor Winter Sunesen. The park was designed by landscape gardener Åsmund Bergwitz in collaboration with Thea Lassen.

The garden is very popular and is used daily for wonder and meditation. And pupils and students use its shapes as motifs in drawing. The museum also uses it as an arena with guided tours, concerts and tea ceremonies, exhibitions and films.

The film will be released on Friday 1 October 3 Positions - 29 Situations. The film shows glass art, landscape photography and calligraphy by artists Yuichi Saito (glass), Lisa Bakke (photopolymer) and Nakajima Hiroyuki (calligraphy). This is an interpretation of how both the garden and the work of art change with location and points of view.

The film is produced by Drammens Museum. Production team: Åsmund Thorkildsen (film and direction), Anna Piquer and Ida M. Klingvall