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Permanent exhibitions

The Permanent Gallery

December 1, 2020

Det Faste Galleriet shows norwegian paintings from JC Dahl to the present day. In the ten colored cabinets, small art-historical environments have been created. A room is dedicated to Hans Heyerdahl's pictures.

20th century! Objects for modern life

November 1, 2020

Open all year

Scandinavian design

1. October 2020

Open all year

Objects for life

September 1, 2020

Open all year

Nøstetangen room

August 1, 2020

The Nøstetangen room shows glass art from the 18th century with the Bacchus cup engraved by HG Köhler as the highlight.

Dale Chihuly at Drammens Museum

1. July 2020

Open all year

Glow and shine

1. June 2020

Open all year

Everyday horse and holiday horse

1. May 2020

New permanent exhibition in Villandstallen

Cyclical time at Rueloftet at Hallingtunet

1. May 2020

Cyclical time at Hallingtunet

Sjøboden - Drammenselva seen through a boathouse

February 1, 2020

Sjøboden opens on the weekends from 1 August to 27 September and daily during the Cultural Heritage Week 5 - 13 September

Gram collection

November 1, 2019

Shows only digitally