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The pupils will be allowed to enter the sea shed which is next to Gulskogen farm. In the past, there were such stalls close together on each side of the Drammenselva. They were used for storing goods. Inside the sea shed, students can see various goods and how these goods were hoisted up on the sea side. This is part of the exhibition "Drammenselva - seen through a sea bow". The Drammenselva connects our new large municipality together.

Timber was transported down the river, where it started with farmers in Eiker exchanging timber for salt from the coast. Eventually the timber became a sought-after commodity and ships came from several countries in Europe to buy. The timber's journey is documented in the exhibition with pictures and objects. We also get into the industrial history of sawmills, paper factories and brickworks, lowering boats, the sea sheds in Drammen, fishing traditions and communication on and across the river.

After the presentation, the students will get to know Gulskogen park through a rebus. Gulskogen farm was built in 1804 by Peder Nicolai Arbo. He was one of those who made good money from the timber trade.

Primary school, 5th grade

Municipalities: Drammen


Contact person:
Hilde Julsrud: 489 57 543

  • For whom: 5th step. Drammen (Formerly Nedre Eiker and Svelvik)
  • Duration: 1h 30min
  • Half of the time we are inside the sea shed and the other half outside in Gulskogen park.

The museum educator meets the group outside Gulskogen farm. Dress for the weather and wear good clothes. It's cold inside the boathouse. Do not bring bags. The museum is responsible for all material.

Ahead of the visit, it would be nice if the class familiarized themselves with the importance the river has had for the inhabitants of their areas in the past. Settlement, fishing, timber floating, ship traffic etc


After the visit, the students can make a communication about their home place and the river's significance for it. This communication can the classes e.g. perform for the school's 4th grade.

In the appendix below you will find a template for a boathouse. You can print it out for each student, so that everyone can make their own boathouse. Then you get a whole range of boathouses that can be used in the dissemination.

Make your own boathouse

The Cultural School Bag Drammens Museum autumn 2022

Sjøboden 5th grade Drammen, formerly Nedre Eiker and Svelvik

Contact person: Hilde Julsrud. Tel: 48957543

Brandtsgård buss AS: 934 98 678

Bus is booked and picks up at the school approx. 30 minutes before the program starts at the museum, or call the bus company to arrange another time.
Set time applies to arrival and departure Gulskogen farm.

Last updated 19.09.22 HSJ

Tuesday 20 September
0900 – 1030 Stenseth (27)
1130 – 1300 Rosendal (14)

Wed 21 Sept.
0900 – 1030 Solberg (21)
1030 – 1200 Solberg (24)
1200 – 1330 Solberg (22)

Thursday 22 September Note time
0900 – 1030 Tangen (18)
1030 - 1200 Steinberg (27)

Mon 26 Sept.
0900 -1030 Krokstad (22) Attention Architecture round attendance in Neumannsgaten
1130 -1300 Krokstad (19) Architecture round attendance in Neumannsgaten

Tuesday, Sept. 27
0900 – 1030 Krokstad (18) Architecture round attendance in Neumannsgaten
1130 – 1300 Krokstad (18) Architecture round attendance in Neumannsgaten

Wed 28 Sept
0845 – 1030 Åsen (25) Note time
1030 – 1200 Mjøndalen (21)
1200 – 1330 Mjøndalen (21)

Thursday 29 September Note time
0900 – 1030 Mjøndalen (21)
1030 – 1200 Mjøndalen (21)


Mon Oct 10 Note time
0900 – 1030 Tømmerås (27)
1030 – 1200 Tømmerås (27)

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