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Art can be so much! We will get to know the diversity of forms of expression in the Permanent Gallery here at the museum.

We see the exhibition by Birgit Hagen.

Silk flor, goat rye, fishing nets, flax and hemp. Cover hair from spelled sheep and horsehair, Buttons, copper wire, and extension cord. Broken pieces of glass from car wrecks, bottle caps, rags and strips. Steinmose, reindeer lichen and rock lichen. Ore bark and lichen are some of the ingredients in the garden's artwork!

There may be changes to the program with regard to infection control.

Primary school, 4th grade

Municipalities: Drammen

Contact person

Hilde Julsrud: 48 95 75 43
-Change of day and time must go through the contact person at Drammens Museum.-

-Orientation meeting is canceled for regular programs.-

Practical information

  • For whom: 4th step Drammen (formerly Nedre Eiker and Svelvik)
  • Duration: 1h 30 min
  • Method: dialogue-based tour and creative workshop, collaboration
  • Aim: The aim is to motivate the students to conversations about works of art and thus learn more about the value of different artistic expressions.

The museum educator meets the group, outside the Lyche pavilion. Do not bring bags. The museum is responsible for all material.

Anchoring in the Curriculum
Arts and crafts after 4th grade:

  • Investigate how traditional craftsmanship utilizes natural material properties.
  • Use hand tools and joining techniques in textiles in an environmentally conscious and safe way.

After the museum visit 

Make an exhibition of the pictures the students made at the museum.

Let the students find their favorite painter from one of the periods we went through and make an A3 poster / powerpoint that tells about this artist and the period he / she worked in. Finally, the students present the painters to each other. If they make posters, these can be hung over the pictures they made at the museum.

The Cultural Schoolbag Drammens Museum autumn 2020

Gallery-gallery 4th step Nedre Eiker (Before it was 5th step, but due to the municipal merger the program was moved to 4th step)


Contact person

Hilde Julsrud: 48 95 75 43

-Change of day and time must go through the contact person at Drammens Museum.-

Brandtsgård buss AS: 93 49 86 78

Bus is ordered by the museum and picks up the students at the school approx. 30 minutes before the program starts at the museum. The school calls and makes an appointment by bus if they are further away. Scheduled time applies to arrival and departure Drammens Museum, at the gate in front of the museum building at Marienlyst.

-Sist oppdatert 22.02.2022 HSJ.-


DRAMMEN (Formerly Nedre Eiker and Svelvik)

Torsdag 31.mars
0900 - 1030 Stenseth (29)
1130- 1300    Rosendal (22)

Monday, April 4th
0900-1030 Tømmerås (25)
1030-1200 Åsen (25) OBS tidspunkt

Tuesday, April 5th
0900 - 1030 Tømmerås (25)
1030 – 1200 Mjøndalen (21) OBS tidspunkt

Wednesday 6 April
0900-1030 Mjøndalen (20)
1030-1200 Mjøndalen (21)
1200-1330 Mjøndalen (21)

Thursday, April 7th
0900 - 1030 Krogstad (18)
1130 - 1300 Krogstad (19)

Tuesday, April 19th
0900 - 1030 Krogstad (18)
1130 - 1300 Krogstad (19)

Wed April 20th
0900 - 1030 Solberg (22)
1030 - 1200 Solberg (22)
1200 - 1330 Solberg (22)

Thursday, April 21st
0900 - 1030 Tangen (19)
1030 – 1200 Steinberg (27) OBS tidspunkt

Mon 25 April
0900 – 1030
1030 - 1200

Tuesday, April 26th                                                                                                                 
1130- 1300


Week 13-17