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In this program, students are invited to visit Austad farm. There has been a farm on this site since the 14th century, but the current main building is built as a pleasure garden and was completed in 1813.

We take the students around the house on Austad farm and get an insight into how Peder von Cappelen and his Maja's life was here. Themes that come up in the dissemination are architecture, style history, interior design, timber trade and a little about several human destinies related to the place. The students are then divided into five groups, who will each make their own short film related to literary texts associated with the period. These texts have been selected by the teachers and the students must have read and worked on them beforehand. Students can borrow costumes and props from us. Finally, there will be a film premiere.

High school, vg2

Municipalities: Drammen

Contact person

Maria Ianke 48 95 75 43


Orientation meeting for teachers

-Appointed in more detail.-

Practical information

  • For whom: The program is agreed with Drammen upper secondary school vg 2. Other schools and stages can also book an appointment. Contact the contact person.
  • Duration: 1h 20 min
  • Method: Dialogue, group work, oral presentation
  • Subject: Norwegian
  • Objective: read a selection of central Norwegian and some European texts from the Middle Ages to the Romantic period, place them in a cultural-historical context and comment on form and content.
  • Listen to, evaluate and give guiding feedback on other people's oral presentations


  • Aim: to present a historical person and discuss how contemporary ideas and social conditions influenced this person's ways of thinking and actions.
  • Identify and evaluate historical material of various kinds and origins as sources, and use it in your own historical representations.
  • Give examples of and discuss how exhibitions, memorials, memorial days or the commemoration of specific historical events have an impact on the present.


Museum educator meets the class outside the entrance to Austad farm.


Norwegian teachers select texts from the 19th century, which may be suitable for dramatization at Austad Gård. The students read and prepare their text in groups at school and film the dramatization with us. Finally, we will look at the results together.

The timetable is prepared in collaboration with Jørn Ellingsen at Drammen upper secondary school and passed on to all Norwegian teachers at the stage.

The museum visit will be spread over weeks 11 - 13 in 2022 (March 15 - March 30, April, except Fridays). Max 3 communications per day.

Week 11 - 13