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Today we are bombarded with pictures and it is more important than ever to be able to read pictures and be critical of what you see. Through dialogue-based communication and practical assignments, students will learn a concrete procedure for reading pictures. Together we look at several paintings from different periods in art history and ask questions such as: What do you see? How is the image composed? What is the eye-catcher? What is the connection between title and work and what can a picture tell us about the time it was made? In the analysis, we pick the images apart to finally get a greater understanding of the image.

After the presentation, the students in groups will use the same questions to analyze and interpret their respective paintings. Finally, what they come up with should be presented to the rest of the class.

Drammens Museum has a collaboration with Drammen upper secondary school where we offer 3 school programs. "Reading a picture" is linked to the Norwegian subject. Other schools can also take advantage of this offer. Then it must be ordered in advance.


Contact person:

Maria Ianke
tel: 48957546

The museum visit for Drammen upper secondary school is divided into weeks 43-47 (26 October - 22 November, except Fridays). Max 3 announcements in one day.

The school program «1900 - the century» for vg 3 is in the same weeks. The period is divided into two, with one program first and the second afterwards. The roadmap for the program should be clear well before start-up.


week 43-47