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Drammens Museum offers kindergartens a dialogue-based dissemination of approx. 30 minutes with museum educator. We are based on one of our exhibitions. So you want to see real paintings, experience the difference between 18th century town and country or visit the old farm from the 19th century?

Then just order a free service from us! If our workshop is available, this can be used for lunch or a break room if needed. The museum also has nice gardens and surroundings where you can eat your lunch if the weather allows it.

Both of our educators have previously worked in kindergarten.

Kindergartens can also come on their own. The person responsible for the group must familiarize themselves with the rules at the museum and sign this form (link to the form) in advance of the visit. The form is delivered at the reception.

Contact the museum for an appointment and time for a visit by email: